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A number of students aspire to pursue their higher studies at an international destination. However, due to lack of knowledge and the absence of authentic knowledge resources, many of them view studying in abroad as a distant dream and drop the idea. This article will throw light on the vital information you need to study in a foreign country after completing high school.


  1. English language test– In countries where the official spoken language is English, for example, Canada, UK, US, etc., it is compulsory for all the foreign students to take and clear the English language test for all the courses including- Graduate programs, Post-Graduate programs, certification and diploma programs. These tests will judge you on the basis of your English language skills and speaking proficiency.

       There are two types of tests-

  • Language entrance exam- For students looking forward to study abroad after 12th, it is mandatory to take and clear language tests such as- IELTS, TOEFL or PTE. You can clear any one of these tests and proceed further with your dream of overseas education.
  • Standardized Entrance Exam- SEE is also a popular entrance exam which many students take to study abroad. SEE varies from country to country.


2-   Application Form– In order to increase your possibilities of getting accepted to your dream college or university, you should begin applying for them a year in advance. In addition to that, it is important to go through the eligibility and entrance criteria of all selected foreign universities before applying.


3-   Expert’s Support– If you wish to gain successful admission in any foreign university, you must seek an expert who can guide you through this journey. They will assist you with all the necessary information that you might need like:

  • SOP (Statement of Purpose)
  • LOR (Letter of Recommendation)
  • Choosing the correct university
  • Choosing the right program


 Every student must take these pointers into consideration to successfully apply for overseas education-

  • Your age should be 18 years or above.
  • You need to possess a good CGPA for securing admission in any foreign university. A minimum of 65% is necessary for those with humanities background in grade XII while for students from streams of science or commerce, a minimum academic record of 70% and above is mandatory. Foundations and Diploma programs are however available for students who have secured above 60%.
  • You are required to clear an English Proficiency Test.
  • Keep a track of your application, making sure it is completed, received and accepted by university on time.
  • Shortlist universities offering scholarships, this will financially aid you.


We at Edu-Wire, have a team of experts working tirelessly to provide you with all the required support that you might need.


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Covid Safety Tips for Students planning oversees education


The Covid 19 Pandemic has disturbed work processes all around the world and overseas education too has not been left unperturbed. Contrary to the past trend, students are now preferring smaller countries like Germany, New Zealand, Sweden, etc. to pursue higher education over bigger nations.

Another question that is arising is that whether studying abroad Safe right now?


Owing to the safety protocols being implemented in all the countries, we can appreciate the safety measures applied to study abroad too. This article will give you an insight into thestrategies and ideas for students to fulfil their dream of studying abroad amidst this pandemic.



First and foremost, you need to do a thorough research pertaining to countries which are allowing international students to study in their country. Choosing the right country as your study destination holds a lot of importance. Similarly, choosing the right airline is also vital. Choose the ones which are following stringent safety protocols in the form of:

    Providing Masks and Face shield.

  • Sanitizing the flight before the passengers enter and after they leave.
  • Blocking the middle seat against reservation.
  • Ensuring physical distancing and minimum contact.


Build Connections

After you’ve made a choice of the suitable country and airline, you should look out for building and maintaining contacts with the existingstudents. No one will give you a better picture of studying abroad than those who are experiencing it themselves. They will guide you through Dos and Don’ts, what you should be expecting and what you need to prepare yourself for. You can go through the alumni page of the concerned university or find students through social networking apps.


Pay Attention to Travel Limits

WithCovid, a number of countries have altered their Visa rules and have imposed travel restrictions. It is of utmost importance that you remain updated on the same. This will make it easier for you to decide the country you should be heading to. Our experts will guide you in choosing the best country and program as per your skills and interests and provide all the necessary information related to travel and visa restrictions. For more information related to travel restriction and Visa, do contact Edu-Wire today.


Stay Updated

Reading blogs online and listening to podcasts pertaining to the current status of Covid infection will help you in staying up-to-date . You could also read newspapers for a better clarity.


If you are still wondering if studying abroad is safe during Pandemic, the answer is YES. With appropriate research, right preparation and successful communication, your dream of overseas education will be fulfilled without any hurdles. The more aware you are, the safer your experience will turn out to be. For further information and queries related to studying abroad during the Pandemic time, do contact Edu-Wire. Our experts will be glad to guide you throughout

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