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Edu-Wire is a team of enterprising overseas education and immigration consultants based in Bhopal the capital city of Madhya Pradesh located centrally in India. We represent 1000+ universities and colleges across the world and have assisted students with their higher studies in popular international study destinations.

At Edu-Wire we deal with all the leading Universities and Institutions across the globe.

We bring overseas education through our extensive experience. Our accomplished counsellors and advisors have been helping students to choose the right program option according to the overall profile of the students. Our team of young professionals is led by specialists and is aided from guidance of several internationally reputed professional advisors and experts. We extend our assistance to Indian students seeking admissions in globally recognized education programs offered by famous academic institutions worldwide.


Rubina Khan
(International Advisor)

She is our international educational advisor who brings with her over twenty five years of teaching and administrative experience from Canada and UAE. She has carved a niche in making positive impact upon nascent minds by giving them a career road map to tread on. At Edu – Wire her expertise in providing academic counseling to potential students wishing to pursue their higher education overseas in Canada, US, UK, Italy, Australia, Germany and New Zealand is commendable.

She also specializes in assisting clients as an advisor and consultant for all those aspiring to relocate to Canada. Her forte lies in providing them transparent consultancy for Permanent Residency (PR) to Canada. Her research and communication skills are the cornerstone of the success of our settlement and education department.
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Athar Khan
(Founder and Director)
Our director and founder of Edu-Wire Athar Khan is a senior professional with over 10 years of experience and a successful track record of working in the education industry.
His experience, and research-based knowledge has successfully seen many students settled globally in UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, and Australia. His expertise in providing student need-based overseas education has earned him a reputed name in this industry. He guides the students step by step in choosing the right university, looking after their applications, providing consultancy for financial assistance, and finally securing admissions to their choice of university.
He is a specialist in student recruitment and placement in world’s best universities and has focused solution-oriented approach which is instrumental in proving an asset to the organisation.
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Athar Khan
(Founder and Director)
Tabina Khan
(IELTS Trainer)

She is our certified British Council IELTS Trainer who has ample years of teaching experience. She heads our IELTS Training Centre and excels in applying teaching methodologies such as tips and tricks to crack IELTS. This ensures students to score a higher band than expected. For any international student IELTS score is a mandatory requirement. Her expertise and passion are the backbone of our training department.

Our Team at Edu Wire offers extensive assistance for International Courses and University Selections, Admissions and Applications, Documentations, SOP, LOR, Bank Funding, IELTS Training for entrance exams, Visa Counselling, Mock Interviews, Accommodation and Landing Assistance all services under one roof.
We represent several top ranking universities in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Ireland to name a few.
Our skill lies in helping students in guiding them through the choice of their programs, colleges, universities and countries which serves their preferences and career aspirations. Furthermore, our team of experts works extensively for students which is accretive with the application process, SOP, LOR, Finance and eventually with Visa stamping and then post landing assistance. We also help the students with their exclusive IELTS Coaching in Bhopal which is a mandatory exam to be taken by the students intending to move to English speaking countries for their higher studies and so far we have succeeded with 100% results. Our Certified British Council Trainers take the leap to help the students acquire all the essential tips and tricks which leads them to secure a higher band. We pay detail attention to every individual with their spoken English and in overcoming all the obstacles with Grammar. An overall personality development is our prime concern for our students.