Finance Assistance

Financial assistance plays a crucial role in realizing dreams of overseas education. Edu-Wire Consultancy offers guidance to students regarding financial assistance and education loans. We have a thorough insight about all the national banks offering loans at affordable rates. Financial assistance forms an important aspect of our service to all our registered student clients.

Studying abroad is an expensive affair and students need financial assistance to cover up all expenses. Admission into an advanced degree program in a foreign university requires large sums of money. Once enrolled, students or their parents are expected to bear not only the cost of college fees, but also other expenses like food, accommodation, travel, stationeries etc. Since universities mainly offer scholarships to students on merit basis, majority of the times parents or students are required to support their education on their own.

At Edu-Wire, we assist students in securing financial aids by helping them apply for private loans and approaching funding organizations. Also, we work with our student clients regarding their budgets and ensure that their college fees transactions are looked after.

Edu-Wire Consultants readily help the students in planning their finances and procuring loan from banks and also assist students in making a plan for the financial arrangements.