Top five reasons to study in Germany

In the recent years, Study in Germany has become a popular for higher education. Let’s have a look as to why Study in Germany is on the list of students seeking to pursue higher studies.

Read on as we share five reasons why:

Take Advantage of exceptionally low tuition fees

Germany has nearly abolished tuition fees, making universities nearly free since 2014, for both domestic as well as international students, including those outside EU. Considering the fact that the Universities from US are highly expensive, such news brings a huge relief for those who aspire to study abroad with limited funds. Although students have to manage small amounts of administrative fees, the total expenditure on tuition fees is still quite low.

Enjoy a Low Cost of Living

Another piece of good news for international students is that in Germany, compared to other international study destinations, the cost of living is relatively low. According to data on cost of living by a renowned consulting firm like Mercer, the consulting firm, Mercer,the German cities of Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, and Frankfurt all found places into the bottom 100 of the world’s most expensive cities. Only Munich placed in the top 100 at spot 98.Also, Berlin ranked in at spot 120, making it one of the cheapest European capitals!

Choose among the many International Programs offered

As long as you hold an academic proficiency of the English language, there will be programs to suit any interest. Prestigious universities of Germany offer numerous degree programs in areas like business, sciences, and humanities, entirely in English.

Germany is an economic super power

European Union’s economy is driven by Germany. As a leading economic power, Germany provides tons of job opportunities. Companies like BMW, Siemens, Adidas, or Bosch, all household names nowadays are the products of German industries. The opportunity of being a part of competitive internships and work experiences during studies, render the students to be highly marketable post-graduation. In addition to this, Germany also provides international students with visas a generous 18-month extension after the completion of their program if they are interested in finding employment and staying in Germany permanently.

Indulge Yourself into a Remarkable Culture

With the diversity in landscapes and lifestyles as much as the population, Germany offers a unique and multifaceted opportunity to immerse yourself in German culture in your own unique way. Whether your preference is to settle in a more urban or rural environment, Germany offers something exciting for anyone. Check out the happening nightlife of Berlin, the fascinating villages of the Black Forest, the art scene in Dresden, or the beer halls of Bavaria.