IELTS itself has importance in student life .
Our aim at Edu-Wire is to aid our students achieve maximum scores in the IELTS Exam (International English Language Testing System). Taking this into consideration, our trainers provide individual attention to each student and design a curriculum and schedule that caters best to our students’ needs. Our trainers first evaluate the students’ strengths and shortcomings, and then plan out a study plan, best suited for them.

With lot of Institutions, which provide IELTS training in Bhopal for interested students. But it is advised that an individual opt for their training in an academy that focuses on their basic need – The need to be heard and explained in the rightful manner.

  • Edu-Wire has always worked with students side by side to explain the various topics, discuss their weak points and clarify any doubt that they face within no time.
  • We provide demo class for IELTS coaching in Bhopal in order to make the method of teaching to the students more transparent.
  • The students will be provided a detailed insight on the different modules of IELTS (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking).
  • Our library is a small Pandora box, wherein the students can find tons of books on different subjects.
  • We first give the students numerous practice sessions, after which they would be self-reliant.
  • Feedback is provided during performance driven week, based on the performance of your first mock test.
  • At Edu-Wire, the students have the opportunity to take up an IELTS MOCK TEST. Which is almost in the same manner as per the actual test.

Listed below are a few reasons why your search for an IELTS Exam training center ends at Edu-Wire:

  • Our trainers ensure personal guidance to every student. We hold smaller batches to provide intensive and focused classroom teaching.
  • Our class schedules will cover all the sections of the IELTS – Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking.
  • Classes are held 5 days a week with the provision of maximum flexibility in schedule.
  • Our trainers build a friendly and comfortable learning environment for their students, which efficiently prepares them for the test and give them all the confidence that they need.
  • Personal attention is imparted to each student keeping in view their problem areas in different modules.
  • We provide rigorous practice in listening, in pursuit of high scores. After practice tests, our trainers give feedback to the students on their errors and share tips and tricks for improvement.
  • Extensive speaking practice is provided in all three parts of IELTS speaking, inculcating confidence in our students.
  • Study material, including sample question papers of the previous IELTS tests along with CDs, are included in our course fee.
  • Our faculties not only in tutor, but also mentor and guide students to excel in the IELTS.
  • Simulated tests are provided to offer our students the real time experience of an IELTS exam.