New Zealand

5 Reasons You Should Choose New Zealand for Higher Studies

Study in New Zealand with fully-funded scholarship. New Zealand universities have been witnessing a typical rise in percentage of international students who enrol with each passing year. New Zealand is not only a country with breath-taking views and natural beauty, but has a lot more to offer.

Here are the top five reasons why we think you should consider studying in New Zealand:

Friendly locals

New Zealanders have the image of being extremely friendly and helpful people, especially towards foreigners. Since they are quite well travelled and have encountered a lot of people from other nations, their outlook towards people from different countries is positive. New Zealand itself is a small, diverse nation of amiable and tolerant people who enjoy a peaceful and modern lifestyle. Also, the crime rates in this country are quite low. Such attribute are also reflected in its rather relaxed student visa application process, which does not require a formal interview process. The immigration Department never rejects an application without a proper explanation and also allows the applicants to present clarifications in their cases if needed.

A world-class education

Many of New Zealand’s Universities are ranked within the prestigious QS World Rankings, with a few of them based in Auckland even making to the top 100 for its range of exemplary undergraduate and graduate programs. Since the New Zealand educational system is based on the same format used by the British, the qualifications achieved are subsequently recognized and admired by employers, governments and other universities as being of an extremely high standard. New Zealand has strict policies pertaining to education and makes sure that the quality of it is never compromised be it any course and qualification. The country also offers some of the best support services for international students that we have ever seen.

New Zealand offers a great value for money

Studying in New Zealand offers all the quality and perks of a British or Australian education without the crippling financial expenditures associated with pursuing studies in these countries. Also, the cost of living in New Zealand is also relatively cheap compared to some major nations.

The healthy outdoor student lifestyle

New Zealand has a number of picturesque landscapes which have been utilised for recreational activities. There are plenty of opportunities for international students to make the short journey to the coasts and hills for surfing, hiking, mountain biking and swimming. People regularly engage in sports events like cricket, football and rugby competitions, making New Zealand a haven for sports buffs.

Fantastic post-graduate opportunities

International students can remain in the country and work for a year after graduation. Moreover, if the job you have undertaken is relevant to your course qualification you can then stay for two further years, and subsequently, even apply for permanent residence. An added benefit to this is that if you are successful to get a PR, you then become eligible for student loans if you wish to progress to another course of study.