Scholarship Guidance

Scholarships prove to be a great help for the students aspiring to pursue their studies abroad. Students with impressive academic grades or those with extra-curricular achievements are preferred to be granted scholarship. However, they are always at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee of the university in which the student applies. We at Edu-Wire provide scholarship guidance to students and assist in applying for these grants and guide them through the process as it is always necessary to prepare early for achieving these scholarships. Our counsellors seek the right university and scholarship on the basis of student’s academic achievements.

Mentioned below are the major study abroad scholarships that students can receive:

Merit Based Scholarships

A student’s academic or athletic achievements, his/her involvement in co-curricular activities or possession of artistic abilities make him/her eligible to attain a Merit Based Scholarship.

Student Specific Scholarships

Student Specific Scholarships are offered to student applicants belonging to a certain gender, race, religion, ethnicity or medical history. Such grants usually target minority groups.

Need Based Scholarships

Need based Scholarships are grants offered to help a student to cope-up with his/her college expenses. Eligibility is based solely on the assets and income of the prospective student and his or her family. Factors such as test scores or athletic abilities also play a crucial role in rendering a student suitable to attain this grant. The scholarship covers either a part of tuition fees or full tuition fees. It may also cover the cost of accommodation or books at times.

Program Specific Scholarships

Program specific scholarships are offered to students taking up particular programs or by the colleges and universities they may be in association with. Academic profile and personal achievements are the key factors taken into consideration while granting this scholarship.

Career Specific Scholarships

These grants are given to students opting for courses within the skill shortage areas with a motive of production of talent within them. Hence, students applying for such courses are provided with financial assistance.

College Specific Scholarships

With an aim to boost the knowledge system of the university, this scholarship is awarded based on academic and personal achievements, participation in extra-curricular activities, etc.

Get in touch with our counsellors at Edu-Wire to decide the apt scholarship you should be looking out for based on your merits and needs.