Study in Canada is the dream of every Indian Student. Canada has proudly been one of the happiest country in the world the credit of which goes to its high standard of living, multi-culturalism and its world famous beautiful landscapes.

With world-class cities like Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Quebec, the country is prominently featured as the haven of international students to pursue higher studies. Canadian degrees and credentials are at par with the degrees from U.S. and other European countries. 

Every year over 200,000 international students opt to study in Canada because the rate of inflation of the country is much lower compared with other countries. The educational institutes of Canada charge low fees than their counterparts whilst maintaining excellent education quality.

When other countries were compromising on their technological innovations, the academic institutions of Canada were always in forefront of technology trends. The country includes a reputation for excellence in numerous sectors including computer technologies, transportation, telecommunications and engineering.

The country is additionally cherished for promoting multicultural diversity and its welcoming environment. It makes sure the people & customs and traditions are well-maintained and their dignities are respected.
Canada is renowned for a life outside campus too. Whether the interest lies in exploring nature or wildlife, spending alone time or outdoors, one doesn’t need to go long distance to enjoy these activities. From the massive skies of prairies to the rugged hills and mesmerising coastline of the Atlantic Provinces to the magnificent chain of mountains of Alberta and Niagara Falls, Canada has plethora of natural beauty to boast about.
Canada & Education system attracts students from all around the globe. Though their education board is not monitored directly by their Federal Government, the board maintains a very high standard in each of the provinces or territories and encompasses both publicly-funded and private schools.

1. It Is Also Divided Into Three Areas

  • Primary Education: It starts at the age of five years with kindergarten and runs for seven or eight years.
  • Secondary Education: It starts at twelve or thirteen years of age (Grade-5) and runs up till Grade-8.
  • Secondary Education: It starts at sixteen or seventeen years and runs for 2 years


Whether you ‘ve recently graduated, desire a career change or wish to gain advanced skills in your existing profession, the vocational schools in Canada offer a plethora of study options customised to individual ‘s interests and goals. The vocational schools cover a variety of fields and also help a student gain knowledge in skilled categories.
Those who don’t qualify for any of these education program can go for foundation studies for 1year, this course is typically taken before starting any university program. It helps student improve their academic performance before they qualify for a full degree program