Top five reasons to study in Sweden

Sweden is home to many internationally known businesses. This comes as a matter of great opportunity for students seeking work and study in Sweden.

Read on as we share five reasons why:

Internationally Renowned Education System

Swedish Universities are ranked amongst the best in the world and its world class education level is unmatched. The inclusion of one of its fine institutions would make a huge asset in a student’s CV. Therefore, study in Sweden is a dream of every student.

Vibrant Student Life

Student life in Sweden is quite interesting and full of enjoyment. There are many student organisations functional in Sweden that are responsible for holding plentiful student events. Such events provide an opportunity for the international students to mingle and also immerse themselves in Swedish culture. Do you know about the ritual of flogsta scream? Every night at 10 p.m., students belonging to the flogsta neighbourhood in Upsala gather and let out a collective stream. Although this might sound strange at first but such rituals are a means of developing unity amongst students, that too in a fun filled way.

Prime Location

As a student in Sweden, you can expect ample of travel opportunities owing to the fact that Sweden is well connected to a number of locations around Europe, through Sweden’s ten international airports or via train system. So, while living there, you can cash-in this chance and explore various parts of Europe as well.

The Swedish Way of Life

The Swedish ethos, Lagom, meaning ‘just enough’ peeks through all aspects of Swedish life, be it their study life balance to their holidays and traditions. It’s not a matter of surprise then that Swedish design, that has been made renowned by the furniture retailer, IKEA, relies so strongly on minimalism and functionality. You will find experience life in in Sweden to be extremely structured in some aspects and incredibly flexible in others.

A Hub of International Business

Sweden is home to many internationally known businesses. This comes as a matter of great opportunity for students seeking internships and work experience. There are head offices of well-known firms like H&M and Spotify in Stockholm. Also, Volvo’s head office is located in west coast, in Gothenburg. Another interesting fact about Sweden is that there are no hourly work restrictions, unlike many other countries. Thus, students can be involved in their jobs in accordance with their wish and feasability.