Study in USA with financial assistance. USA has always attracted students from all around the world owing to the fact that it not only provides invaluable scope to students for academic, professional and personal growth, but also opens up a number of career opportunities after graduation. But these are not the only reasons why students regard US as the holy grail of International higher education. Following are the some of other reasons to study in USA.

Have a look at the top 5 reasons why you should consider US as a study destination:

The US is home to a number of International Universities

A prime reason why students choose to pursue higher education in the US is that here the universities offer renowned higher education programs. As a matter of fact, approximately 50% of world’s top 50 Universities are located in the US.

Choose from a wide number of programs

US Universities offer a plethora of programs pertaining to a number of subjects. You think of a course, and you would be sure to find it. This is an added advantage for those seeking to take up offbeat courses.

Scope for research

Universities like MIT offer students an opportunity to participate or start research-based projects, giving them a chance to publish their works, leading to patent applications, or beginning of ambitious ventures. Moreover, universities, like UCLA, have over 350 research labs, while Yale University offer courses based on neuroscience, black hole studies, and climate change research. Furthermore, even undergraduates have the opportunity to attend Bachelors that involve research.

You can easily overcome culture shock in the USA

Another fascinating fact about US is that international students don’t find themselves struggling to cope up with life. Since there quite a huge number of international students there, you won’t ever feel like a stranger. Americans have the credit of being accepting to multiple cultures and hence prove to be highly welcoming towards foreigners.

Universities in the US have engaging campuses

Universities here in US encourage students to mingle amongst themselves by forming student societies. Also, there are many recreational activities and modes of entertainment present which keep students engaged while they are not studying or involved in assignments. You are sure to experience an amazing campus life while you study!