Top four reasons to study in Italy

Study in Italy with fully-funded scholarship. Italy is emerging as a sought-after international study destination amongst students planning to study overseas. Following are the reasons why study in Italy is so popular.

Read on as we share four reasons why:


Many universities in Italy offer scholarships to international students. This is good news to those seeking to lower their burden of finances. Scholarships primarily depend on student’s academic performance and academic interview.

Work permit after study

It is possible for those pursuing masters in Italy to stay back in the country for seeking employment. The period of stay back depends upon the program, its duration and the course.

High ranking World GDP

Italy has secured 8 th rank in world GDP. Its economy is the third largest economy in the European Union. Italy is also the 8 th largest exporter in the world.


Italy has some of the best weather in Europe. It is much warmer than its northern counterparts and the skies are almost always clear and blue, making it a country with pleasant weather all through the year. Even if you are stuck inside studying for a test or writing a paper, a quick stroll down the sun-lit streets of Italy is sure to elevate your mood.