Top five reasons to study in Australia

Study in Australia is a dream of every student. Australia has the merit of being amongst one of the top destinations that students consider while planning to study in Abroad. What makes Study in Australia the most sought-after and popular?

Read on as we share five reasons why:

Australia offers world-class education

Australian universities frequently feature in global rankings inspite of being a country with relatively less number of universities since they offer world class education. There are eight Australian universities placed in the top 100 in the latest QS World University Rankings, ranked on areas such as academic standards, employer reputation and international student ratio. Several universities also have appeared in the Times Higher Education Rankings and the Shanghai Jiao Tong Academic Ranking of World Universities.

Cultural diversity

While studying in Australia, you’ll attain an opportunity to study and socialise with students from all around the globe owing to a large number of international student population. An advantage of studying in Australia is that you will be able to enjoy many of the comforts of your home country — be it restaurants, grocers, film festivals or food fairs. Australia also has the credit of being home to some of the best student cities, as revealed in the QS Best Student Citiesranking.

Australia offers a lot of scope to be explored

Apart from common perception of people regarding Australia to have picturesque white sand beaches or famous landmarks like Sydney’s Opera House, this country has much more to offer. Australia is a home to a myriad of landscapes ranging from lush rainforests to vast dry deserts. Moreover, there are a number of World Heritage Sites in Australia such as Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef and Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park in the Northern Territory. There is a lot that you can explore being a student in Australia.

Australia is strong in global research

Acknowledging that Australia has been a proud contributor to global research and discoveries like penicillin, IVF and Wi-Fi, there is no scope of doubt in the fact that Australian Universities are at par with universities from other countries in the field of research, excelling in area such as arts and humanities, education and sciences. This makes Australia an apt option for international students — especially those seeking to involve themselves in the field of research.

Australia offers a plethora of work opportunities

International students in Australia are allowed work hours up to 40 hours per fortnight, providing an amazing opportunity for them to bear their expenses. Moreover, post-study work visa permit allows students to stay and work in Australia after graduation. Furthermore, opportunities such as the Professional Year Program (PYP), allows graduates of accounting, information technology and engineering degrees to gain experience in an Australian workplace. PYP can also be a gateway for you to gain permanent residency.